Due to a total makeover / renovation of our facilities we are now closed.

We will make an announcement as we get close to reopening!

We apologize for this inconvenience!
Thank you for your patience

Machines and Tools

We have a large collection of machines and tools in our workshop.  Ranging from metal and wood workshops to digital fabrication tools such as laser cutters and 3D printers.  Everything you will need to complete your projects !

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About us

When we started  Walking robot in 2014, Uncomfortable calling it a hackerspace or open garage. We frequently used the awkward phrase ‘open workshop or machine shop’ to describe our organization, for no other reason than we had no easy phrase for what we wanted our space to be.

We modeled the space after the existing fablab model, with the intention that anyone should be able to make anything at any time out of (almost) any material.  Because some of our members were not comfortable with the fablab rules regarding Intellectual property we decided to call it a makerspace.

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