FROSTED – Free OS for tiny embedded devices (Workshop)

WORKSHOP: FROSTED – Free OS for tiny embedded devices

About a year ago, the FROSTED-team decided to start writing an operating system from scratch, that would run on small microcontrollers, such as ARM Cortex-MCPUs.

The status of the project: Fully working POSIX interface to interact with the kernel, a real multi-processing environment, a toolchain to compile their applications, TCP/IP networking stack, a wide range of device drivers, and much, much more.

FROSTED is a multi-purpose OS. The current research is focusing on http-based distributed services (IoT platform) as well as porting interesting open source retro-games (an initial port of the shareware version of DOOM is already working).

At the moment there is hardware support in FROSTED for the STM32F4/F7 microcontroller. The LPC17xx family is also supported but not properly tested yet. Frosted can also run in virtual QEMU session, allowing you to write code without the need for hardware.

The goal of the workshop is to introduce the OS and give an introduction in application development. Because the OS does not require any specific knowledge of the hardware and FROSTED is fully POSIC compliant developers can create application in a very similar way than developing applications for linux. After the workshop participants can also easily further develop software using QEMU.

There will be first a short introduction on the purpose of the project. After that first we will assist the attendees to get DOOM up and running on the demo boards. Then we will guide the audience in making an example project using the demo boards. As last part we will have 1-2 hours to go into various details as the audience shows interest in them.

Pre-requisites:  Some knowledge of the C programming language is the only mandatory requirement. The workshop can be adapted to cover different parts and components of the project. For joining the interactive session, the participant should bring a laptop with the essential gnu-tools to compile executables. If you have an ARM board, please do bring it!

When:  Saturday, October 1 @ 2 PM

Price: Free

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