Makerspace pass: Reservation required, Not on Sunday & Tuesday



Open house:  (Hackerspace pass)
Everyone is more than welcome to visit our makerspace on friday evening.  (Reservation not required)

After a couple of visits to our open house we do ask everyone to buy a Hackerspace pass.

This will allow us to cover our most basic costs. (Electricity, Insurance, Machine maintenance, Cleaning, etc… )  Thanks !


A hackerspace or Makerspace pass will give you access to all the workshops , tools and machinery,

Machining costs:

CNC Milling table0.5 / MIN
Sandblasting cabinet (Blasting media included)0.6 / MIN
Mig welder (Gas & filament included)0.6 / MIN
Laser cutter0.5 / MIN

Because of safety reasons we require our members to follow an introductory lesson when using dangerous equipment for the first time.   (€ 55, Includes 1 day makerspace pass)

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like a custom price quote (Larger projects / Workshops / Production)

Prices are VAT INCL

Children ,Young adults under the of 16:
Children ,Young adults under the of 16 are asked to bring written consent of a tutor or parent.