Using the Laser cutter

Learn how to operate a laser cutter and become certified allowing you to operate the machine by yourself.


  • An operator should always be present.
  • Wear safety goggles approved for IR spectrum.
  • Never bypass the case-open switch.
  • Don’t look directly into the alignment laser with your remaining eye.
  • Don’t cut any reflective or toxic materials (See materials)
  • Don’t hack the laser cutter.
  • Hit the emergency button when any abnormal phenomenons occur.
  • Use the fire extinguisher in case of uncontrolled fire.
  • Certification is required before you are allowed to operate this machine.
  • Temperature of the water should never exceed 35 C°
  • System temperature should never exceed 60 C°

Installing and configuring Laserweb.

(Optional => The lab has multiple computers at your disposal)

  1. Download the latest release from Laserweb (Available for Linux, Windows)
  2. Download the Laserweb settings for our laser cutter. (Zip file)
  3. Open Laserweb -> Settings -> Tools -> Machine profile -> Load -> Select the downloaded file.

Always import the file / correct settings into visicut before using the laser !

Creating or importing new designs.

Laserweb supports DXF/SVG/BITMAP/JPG/PNG

More information can be found on their wiki.

Create your designs in 1000 DPi or vector to ensure high quality.
Maximum dimensions is 90cm by 60cm.

Extra information and useful links:

Learning your way around the laser cutter.

  1. Safety switch: Press in case of emergency or abnormal phenomenon.
  2. Main power: Turns the laser cutter ON/OFF
  3. Water cooling alarm: Red light will light up if a problem is detected.
  4. Display: Machine readout and manual machine control
  5. Home button: Laser head will move to begin position.
  6. Stop button: Will cause the job to stop.
  7. Z-Axis buttons:  Z-Axis, Table moving up & down

Exercise (15 minutes)

Coming soon

When finished:

  1. Turn off the main power.
  2. Clean your workspace.
  3. Pay your contribution for machine time and materials used. (Ask a staff member)

You can use the Facebook or Thingiverse button to share your creation with the world. 😉

After showing the result to the staff you will be certified to operate the laser cutter yourself.

Common problems / FAQ

Problem: The laser doesn’t fire / cut.
Solution: Check if the water cooling unit is ON and the case is properly closed.

Problem: I’m seeing flames when cutting material.
Solution: Make sure your not cutting any highly flammable plastics or coatings. (Check materials)  Turn up the air pressure.  Make sure that your laser beam is focused correctly by adjusting the leveling bed.

Problem: I aborted the current job and the head won’t move to it’s original position.
Solution: Press the home button or use the display to Home (Prepare => Home all axis)

Problem: I’m seeing a lot of smoke.
Solution:  Make sure your not cutting any highly flammable plastics or coatings. (Check materials) Check if the exhaust fan is turned ON.

Problem: I’m getting the message unable to connect to laser cutter.
Solution:  Make sure that you are connected to the network using the correct wireless SSID or ethernet cable.

Question: Can you cut my supplied material?
Answer: If you can proof to us what the material is made off and it’s not toxic / flammable, …

Question: Can you cut metal?
Answer: Sorry no, we can’t cut metals, glass or ceramics.

Question: Can you etch on both sides of the sheet?
Answer: In some cases we can etch both sides of the sheet but the problem is it will almost double the cost of your job as it takes twice as long, it’s also sometimes hard to line up 100% so we would only offer this to approved designs.

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